Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Charleston Southern University Softball Photos

If you'd like to see photos of a specific player from the CSU Softball team, just click on their name and you'll see all photos with them in it (the photos will appear in reverse chronological order - newest first).

00 Ari Tedesco
1 Morgan Dowdy
4 Megan Lombard
5 Jessica Brock
6 Lizzy Olmstead
8 Spencer Adkinson
9 MK Parnell
11 Stephanie Sbardella
12 Hayes Holdsworth
13 Melanie Stickney
14 Kristin Kelleher
15 Linzy Rother
18 Jennifer Giles
20 Jasmine Conley
21 Trea Steele
22 Jana Matthews
23 Courtney Konyk
24 Melissa Adams
25 Sheila Tomlinson
33 Hannah Wagner

As always, for more information on the Softball team or any of the CSU Athletics, make sure you head over to If you'd like more information on the players (bios, etc.) click here.

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